SOLD- Vintage Designers Guild Fabric

Shipped to Boston area    
18 yards - in one piece
(vintage) Designers Guild


SOLD- Wheat tan/Shadow Patterning

Mfgr "D" prefers not to be recognized
6 3/4 yds in one piece
wheat tan w/ shadow patterning
$350.   Shipped to Chicago


SOLD- light blue/yellow gingham

9 yards in one piece -
silk taffeta,
mfgr, asks not to be named 
Light blue, off white/cream, butter/slight yellow\


SOLD- Aqua/Brown Print

Mfgr: B&F
100% cotton
Aqua print w/ brown print -
1 piece, 11- 1/4 yards $400.00
Sold and shipped to Chicago


SOLD- Blue/Tan Velvet

B&F textured velvet
Light blue and tan
5 1/2 yards in one piece
Sold to Chicago